Hua Xin Pump Head Tube
- Dec 12, 2017 -

It's important to have contained products be isolated from the atmosphere in order to improve hygiene and ensure proper storage. HX Packaging's latest pump, the,features a vacuum sealed inner mechanism to keep products fresher for longer.



The pumps feature a vacuum hose that keeps the product isolated from both ambient air and bacteria, 

offering the best protection and air separation to avoid product oxidation. 

The pump head goes beyond normal material safety considerations and uses food safe grade PP. 

The material is well known for being resistant to acid, chemicals, wear, and extreme tempteratures.




The pump can be custom coloured and decorated using a number of  various techniques. 

The pump is currently being used with a number of products, including BB creams, liquid foundations, lotions, and moisturizers.


这个喷头在一些产品中比较常用,包括BB霜, 粉底液,护肤液,和润肤霜。