New Product-parts Nozzle Head
- Jul 07, 2018 -

The nozzle gel tubes heads are normally below two types. 

2 in1nozzle head nozzle plug


Clients need to fill the cream/ gel into the plastic squeeze tubes from tube tail if use type 1. Type 2 could be filled from tail or tube orifice, but inserting nozzle plug will take hours. 


Therefore, huaxin found the third type in case some clients have to fill from tube orifice and this type is much easier to screw on. We call it 2 parts nozzle head.

 parts nozzle head parts  nozzle head

Below are some features of this 2 parts nozzle head. 


Colors: Any color base on Pantone. Inner part and outside part could be customized in different colors.


Orifice: fixed, φ1mm~2mm. Fit for the thin cream or gel. Suggest doing squeezing test before ordering.


Suitable tube diameters: φ16mm、φ19mm、φ22mm、φ25mm


If you have problems for sealing the nozzle gel tube, this 2 parts nozzle head is suggested for a try. Then you could fill from tube orifice. 

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