One-day Tour In Qingyuan
- Apr 03, 2018 -

On March.1,2018,all staffs in HUAXIN had the honour of being invited to take a day trip in Qingyuan city,China.The activity was rich in variety.First,we enjoyed a delicious lunch which was full of sea flavor and appreciated the beautiful landscape scenery in the sightseeing boat.Then our place was transferred to Qingquan Wan(Spring bay) - a place had exciting rafting,and other countless adventurous water activities.All HUAXIIN people had a great fun although few people could swim.When the dark night nearly approached,we came to the flower town having wonderful dishes cooked by senior chefs while feeling the faint sweet smell of flowers.It was really a pleasant day though mixed with the intermittent rain.

Here we had to thank our boss.If they had not always taken such useful incentives, we would not have been so enthusiastic about working around the clock.Please believe that people in HUAXIN family definitely not just can play very well,but also absolutely can bear hardships and stand hard work.Everything just to make the best-quality plastic soft tubes for our valued customers.HUAXIN,a company with a history of more than 8 years,is still standing.In the future,it will also continue to maintain the original intention,adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of Manufacturing first-class products,striving for its perfection.'

HUAXIN - Our staidness,your reassurance