Plastic Tube Group For You To Choose From
- Feb 26, 2018 -

GUANGZHOU HUAXIN PLASTIC PRODUCT CO.,LTD is a leading manufacturer of polyethylene plastic tubes for the cosmetics, food, medicine and industry.HUAXIN was founded in 2008. Today HUAXIN  employs more than 150 dedicated employees, operates   professional manufacturing plants in  China.

Our Mission:Maximize customer's profit,provide staff with successful career,make contribuitions to the whole world

Now we show you 3 plastic tube groups.The first one is the eye cream tube .Tube diamter :D16mm,D19mm.They are so exquisite and easy to carry that they become popular among customers.

The second one is the oval tube with oval screw cap.Tube diameter:D35mm,D40mm.They vary in different kinds of colours and funtions so that they meet the needs of strict customers.

The last one is the super oval tube with super oval screw cap .Tube diameter:D30mm,D40mm.It pays to the higher perice for the reason that they are in high quality and made of the excellent materials

We have a quality system that equals the same standards as ISO 9001:2008.So if you are interested in our tubes,please contact us 

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