Please Confirm Your Manuscript Again
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Recently, our factory and our customers have discovered a problem. In the production process, we are doing according to the customer's requirements. According to the manuscript, it is not the same as the requirements of our industry standards. However, after the end of production, we The customer discovered this problem and asked us to make a different management from what he wanted. We could not accept the goods. We have been solving this problem. If it is the fault of our factory, we will immediately re-produce a batch of products without delaying customers. The delivery date, if it is the issue of the customer's manuscript, we will not accept the return, the customer can request to re-production, but the cost to the customer, we are still dealing with this issue. The problem is the PBL's welding line, which is plus or minus 5mm from the industry standard, and the customer's requirement is to do 10mm. The tube that is made is flawed.

Therefore, the customer must confirm when releasing the manuscript. If the manufac- turer is responsible, he or she can make a sample first and then confirm the next bill of lading.