Round Plastic Tube With Flip Top Cap
- May 14, 2018 -

Round plastic tube with flip top cap(Round plastic tube with flip top cap)is widely used in different products, such as essence, cream,lotion, fluid candy, sauce and oils packaging etc.

Huaxin Packaging can offer different specifications of tubes to fix your products, such as φ25mm、φ30mm、φ35mm、φ40mm、φ45mm、φ50mm  ,φ55mm,φ60 mm diameter of tubes matching with φ2mm~φ14mm of tube orifice based on different types. The tube capacity is from 5ml to 250ml. The materials of our tubes are PE for the tube body and PP for the cap.

This style of tubes can be produced in single layer, double layers and 5 layers according to customer’s requirement and the content Characteristics. There are decoration options as silk screen printing, offset printing and hot stamping too.

We can make oriented flip top cap according to customer’s demand.