Spray Bottle Packaging, Please Use A Good Nozzle
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Relative to the ordinary blowing bottle, the spray bottle in the production is relatively complex, especially the nozzle is good or bad, will affect the use of effect, some of the nozzle will be stuck after a short period of use, which gives consumers more trouble, Because the bottle can not be used in the spray bottle, apart from a good cover, so the use of spray bottle packaging, is a double-edged sword, good quality spray bottle can give consumers a good experience, and poor quality Spray bottles will make consumers extremely annoyed, consumer experience can be reduced to freezing point.

A good spray bottle can make even liquid spray bottle, but also can make the liquid bottle completely run out, but in the use of many spray bottle bottle will leave the inexhaustible liquid, it is a great waste of resources.