The Change Of Laminated Tube Packaging
- May 02, 2018 -

The change of laminated tube packaging

Transparent Plastic Laminated Tube in D40mm with Screw On Cap and Big Area Printing

Cosmetic packaging manufacturer usually use the advanced technology to print some complex graphic on the surface of the tube instead of labeled tube. What’s more? The design of cosmetic tube printing color changes from simplex to multi.

The other reasons of packaging decoration are likely to clearly show the inner content of the product to customers. This is because they have added some special material to color or glitter the product content , so they use some transparent material to show it to customers.

By the way, the shape of laminated tube packaging can also be regarded as distinction. The most fashion trend is that the oval tubes have replaced partial of round tubes like which used for BB cream, CC cream and sunscream etc.