The Overview Of Classification And Types About Squeezable Tubes
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Huaxin laminated tubes

On the basis of applications, squeezable tubes can be classified onto cosmetic & personal care, Food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

On the basis of shapes/ material, there are many types of squeezable tubes, such as lip gloss tube, nozzle gel tube, high glossy tube, plastic laminated tube, round skincare tube and so on.

The Overview of classification and types about squeezable tubes-2

huaxin squeezable lip gloss tubes


In general, the capacities of these different types of squeezable tubes are not the same. For example, lip gloss tube will be D15-D19ml normally, and round skincare tube is mostly D25-50ml. It is said that tube packaging is made with lower cost, and is used more easily by consumers.  On the other hand, small size packaging is more portable. It could reduce waste effectively and is more environmentally friendly. More and more people like easy packaging, thus the demand of squeezable tubes packaging is growing.