The Status Of Global PET Development
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Since 2003, global PET production has expanded at an average annual rate of about 9%. In 2005, its production capacity has reached 54.7 million tons and its output in 2005 was 41 million tons. According to PCi's forecast, by 2008, global PET production capacity will Up to 67 million tons, the output is 50 million tons.

At present, the product varieties of PET are also expanded from the original polyester staple fiber to the current series of hundreds of polyester staple fibers, polyester filament yarn, polyester bottles, polyester film, non-woven fabrics, engineering plastics and composite multifunctional products Thousands of species of products specifications, of which the composition of the product line from the initial 100% staple fiber development to the balanced development of more than one species.