The Super Oval Tube With All Kinds Of Printing By Hua Xin Packaging
- Dec 05, 2017 -

Hua Xin  Packaging, a guangzhou company with a high level of expertise in manufacturing injection, extrusion and blow-moulded plastic components, is now introducing flexo-Printing techniques, providing clients with yet another way to distinguish themselves on the shelf. The new printing technology allows companies to print poster quality images directly onto the full surface of tubes and other flexible packaging items.

One of the best selling PE tubes from the group, The Super Oval Tube, is available in diameters of 30, 35, 40 and 50 (30ml-250ml). Hua Xin  Packaging’s Super Oval Tube have some unique attributes, such as a flat tube sleeve, easily positions a product to stand out in a crowd. In addition it also provides better design space compared to the ordinary round tube.

The group has many decoration capabilities: silkscreen, offset print, flexo print, hot-stamp, matt, labeling, color graduation and special crimping, etc. Tube sleeve color can vary according to client request, from clear to semi-transparent, solid opaque to customized colorant, Sr packaging has it all.

Hua Xin Packaging is a professional manufacturer of injection, extrusion, and blow molded plastic components. It is an excellent provider of enhanced packaging solutions to the beauty and skin care markets.