Training Lesson Of New Cosmetic Tube Products For Staff
- May 26, 2018 -

Today the new staff will have a training lesson of new cosmetic tube packaging.

"Good morning, dear all, today is a fine day and it is good for learning. Let's brace ourselves up and start the lesson!" said by Sales Manager vivian

huaxin plastic laminated tube

All of our new staff were looking forward to this training lesson a few days before. The inspiring greeting just ignites enthusiasm for learning.

New things will always be found in the showroom though we have walked in it many times.

Recently, huaxin have developed many news products, such as plastic laminated tube, mascara tube, lip gloss tube with silicon head, BB cream tube with foam head,tube with  brush + roller etc. 

cosmetic tube for face scrub  lipgloss tube

Apart from the new cosmetic tubes, we also saw some new caps which having not been promoted. Such as the octagonal caps, concave cap (the part concave is gloss varnish while the main part is matte), metalized cartoon caps, etc.

skincare tube with concave cap