Tube Mascara For Cream Eyelashes
- May 05, 2018 -

As we all know, eye makeup is the soul of the overall look of makeup, so cream mascara is one of the essential makeup elements. Normally, the packaging of Mascara Cream is a small bottle, but we are considering the development of a new cosmetic packaging for Cream Mascara for better portability. In short, we would say 'Tube Cream Mascara'

This Tube Cream Mascara is round in 19mm and it could be produced in a single layer, double layer or 5 layers (EVOH) of 15ml ~ 25ml. Custom printing could be provided, such as silk screen printing, offset printing, branding or labeling.

Black Mascara Tube for Eyelashes

Tube Cream Mascara

As the length of the brush (79mm) is set, the length of the entire tube should be 90mm ~ 115mm. And please note that it is a large rotating brush, which could be stuck more mascara cream and put it on the eyelashes easier.

This Tube Cream Mascara is lightweight and portable, in other words, mascara cream using this type of flexible tube is good enough for ladies who travel outside for several days.