UV Coating In Cosmetic Packaging
- Jul 07, 2018 -

UV varnish is a common surface treatment process in the cosmetic packaging and printing industry. If the UV varnish has insufficient adhesion, the surface of the printed package will fade withoutwearing. Even varnish will get off.

In order to avoid such problems, a comprehensive analysis should be carried out, including material procurement, process scheduling, and standardized operations. The following are the reasons for the lack of adhesion of UV varnish and reference solutions.

Huaxin plastic squeezetube


(1) The storage time is too long. Typically, UV varnish or base oil shelf life is valid for six months to one year. Some manufacturers buy large amounts of UV varnish at a time. Then some of them may expire at the time of use.

(2) The UV varnish does not match the base oil. They should be produced by the same factory to prevent mixing and ease of performance, affecting the quality of the printed packaging.

(3) The ink drying time is short or the drying performance is not good. Recommended drying time of at least 24 hours or longer

(4) The UV intensity is not strong enough. In order to cure the UV, the parameter value of the light irradiated by the UV lamp should be greater than 50.

(5) Non-standard operation. If the machine is not operating properly or the operator is inexperienced, the entire printed cosmetic package will be damaged.

Due to the instability of UV oil, it was used less than 10 years ago. People now use better varnish in the cosmetic packaging industry.

To this end, what I want to say is that the UV varnish of our factory will not be purchased for one year at a time. In this case, the storage time of the varnish will be too long, and the use effect is not good. We will purchase it regularly. It will be purchased once a month or half a month.