We Become More Professional After 10+years
- Aug 31, 2018 -

Huaxin is an ISO9001 Certified manufacturer of customized PE Tubes & laminated cosmetic tubes packaging solutions since 2008. We set up the factory in guangzhou.

Huaxin cosmetic tube

During these years, we have continued to expand our business, serve more customers, and cooperate with more customers, from the earliest dozens of people to more than 100 people.

We moved the factory in 2015 and expanded ten times more than the previous factory. The workshop is also renovated according to the 100,000 clean room workshop.

The business team reaches about 15 people.

We follow strict standards from raw material until goods delivery. We are very confident on our quality and trying to use higher quality accessories to match with our tubes. We are always on the way to be better!

Up to now,we are recommended by more and more global customers due to loyalty, stable quality, great service, fast feedback, and short lead time.

As the general manager of huaxin's foreign trade department and one of the founders of the company, I have been engaged in the hose manufacturing industry before I created the factory. I hope to do my best to bring my team to the customer. Better service, employees provide higher benefits.